Since 1989, Trees for the Future has helped 1 million people in thousands of communities in over 20 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America plant more than 80 million trees.

  • Trees for the Future focuses their efforts on tropical locations around the globe where trees can have the most beneficial impact on the environment
  • Tropical species planted in the tropics grow much quicker and for longer periods each year than non-tropical species planted in colder climates (i.e. North America)
  • They are able to sequester almost twice as much CO2 as the same number of trees planted in the US
  • Tailor agroforestry techniques to the needs of the community
  • In communal forests, they focus on large-scale reforestation and the development of non-timber forest products
  • In agricultural fields, the focus is on fast-growing multipurpose trees that serve as windbreaks, firebreaks, woodlots or living fences that help with erosion control and improve soil fertility
  • In the United States, they provide education to students and communities about the role of trees in the environment, energy efficiency and other global issues